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FAQ #3b. What other jobs did you have before you became a writer?

Aside from babysiting, I got my first job when I was twelve years old, cleaning house for one of my mom's friends.

When I was thirteen I worked in a snack bar at a community college, and I also scraped gutters during the summer.

At age fourteen I got my first full-time job (yes, I lied and said I was sixteen) doing telephone solicitation for a local radio station.

I worked as a secretary in my step-father's real estate office when I was fifteen.

And when I was sixteen, I got the ultimate teen job working at McDonald's.

During my college summers (while majoring in advertising), I worked as a "floater" in the media department fo the Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago.

During the school year of my junior and senior years at the University of Illinois, I earned money by working as a secretary in the Illini Union for the Panhellenic Association.

My first job out of college in 1983 was as the editor of a weekly magazine in Okinawa, Japan.

I later taught piano to 25 children and adults, and worked as a tutor in the evenings teaching English as a Second Language to members of the Japanese Self Defense Force.

Back in the States, I began writing my first book (a 650-page manuscript that was never published) while also working two part-time jobs, one in a day care center and another one in the evenings at a Hallmark card store. While still working on that first book, I later got a part-time job as a circulation clerk for a magazine called Hog Farm Management.

In 1987, at age 25, I landed a full-time job working at the world's first desktop publishing magazine, Personal Publishing, where I was the managing editor and wrote a monthly column on publication design. I worked there for four years, until 1991.

The software company Quark Inc. hired me away from Personal Publishing in 1991, where I managed the editorial staff in the Creative Services department for a year and a half. I was responsible for the company's marketing, advertising, and sales publications.

I founded Rainwater Press in July 1992, when I was 30 years old.

To find out what I've been doing since I founded Rainwater Press, go to the Who We Are page of this Web site.

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