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The Rainwater Press Publishing Primer™

A glossary of terms for the electronic publishing,
graphic arts, and printing industries

The glossary is organized alphabetically. To find the term you're looking for, choose the first letter of the word you need to locate:



Welcome to the Rainwater Press Publishing Primer, which features more than 1,000 terms related to the digital publishing, graphic arts, and printing industries. Over the years, we've discovered that many of the problems that arise in publishing and printing environments can be avoided by clearer, more precise communications between publishers and their suppliers. The terminology used by printers, graphic artists, typographers, and publishers has a rich and interesting history that has been modified and made even more complex by the advent of personal computers and digital publishing technology.

It's easy to find glossaries and dictionaries of computer terms. These computer-related dictionaries have helped traditional publishing professionals acclimate themselves to new computer terminology, but it sometimes seems that desktop publishing has spawned a whole new generation of people who are more familiar with computers than with printing presses, inks, and general publishing procedures. We often forget that publishing and new technology is a two-way street--that while it's important to understand and be up-to-date on computer technology, a strong foundation in traditional publishing methods and terminology is critical to becoming successfully published. This holds true for the many publishers today who may never even apply ink to paper: Whether you're creating a site on the World Wide Web, an animated video, a self-running multimedia presentation, a four-color brochure, a full-length novel, a glossy magazine, or a two-color newsletter, an understanding of both the old and the new will help you get where you're going more efficiently and with fewer misunderstandings.

As computers and publishing continue to merge, Rainwater Press has been and will continue to be dedicated to helping ease the transition. Please feel free to refer to this online glossary as often as you like, but remember, like everything else on this Web site, this glossary is copyrighted material and may not be downloaded, reproduced, or distributed in any form, print or electronic, without the prior written permission of Rainwater Press.

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