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e image

An e-mail address. (This term was first provided to Rainwater Press by Scott O'Neill of Accuracy First Printing in Denver, CO.)

Electronic mail, a digital message that is usually private.

To modify and correct a manuscript to conform to the publisher's standards.

All printings of a book from the same original materials. Once changes have been made to the original materials, the next printing becomes a new edition.

editor in chief:
The top editor at a magazine or book publisher responsible for all editorial decisions.

A domain name suffix used in Internet addresses that denotes an educational institution.

The imposition of eight items to be printed on the same sheet in order to take advantage of full press capacity and minimize paper consumption.

The image transfer system used in photocopiers.

electrostatic plates:
Plates used in high-speed laser printing that make use of electrostatic forces.

elite type:
A standard typewriter typeface with 12 characters to the inch.

A unit of three small dots that signifies a trailing off in thought or portions of a quote that have been omitted.

elliptical dot:
An elongated dot in halftone photography that gives improved gradation of tones, especially in middle tones and vignettes.

A measurement of linear space used by typographers in which the unit is as wide and as high as the point size being set; twice the width of an en. So named because the letter "m" in early fonts was usually cast on a square body.

em dash:
A dash the width of an em space.

To impress an image in relief to achieve a raised surface; either overprinting or on blank paper (called blind embossing).

A symbol that uses the characters on a computer keyboard to convey emotion or tone in an electronic message, such as the sideways smiley face. :-)

The light-sensitive gelatin that coats the side of photographic film that faces the lens during exposure.

A measurement of linear space used by typographers; half the width of an em.

en dash:
A dash the width of an en space.

A coating material used on paper.

end leaf:
The paper used to bind a book's cover to its interior pages.

The sheets of paper that affix the front and back pages of a hardcover book to the inside covers.

english finish:
A grade of book paper with a smoother, more uniform surface than machine finish.

An image or page that has been increased in size proportionally.

Text that appears at the end of a story which brings the reader up to date or offers parting comments, as opposed to a prologue, which appears at the beginning of a story and offers introductory comments.

Encapsulated PostScript. A document file format that contains PostScript information for high-resolution graphics.

A loose sheet in which the errors found in a printed book are listed.

A preliminary cost analysis provided by a printer on how much a printing job will cost, listed in terms of price per piece and total cost per thousand. Different from a quote, which is a legally binding, signed agreement between a printer and a publisher in which the cost is guaranteed not to fluctuate for a specified period of time.

To produce an image on a printing plate by chemical or electrolytic action.

A method of networking computers in a local area network (LAN).

A portion taken from a larger work, such as when portions of a book appear as a magazine article.

Sole distribution or publishing rights given to or sold to only one distributor or publisher in a particular geographic area. Also a news or feature article published by a publication before any of its competitors.

expanded type:
A typeface in which the width is greater than normal.

expert reading:
A review of a manuscript by an expert in the field, also called a technical edit.

The process during which light produces an image on light-sensitive photographic paper or film.

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