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o image

Graphics defined by groups of lines, circles, text, and other objects (thus the "object-oriented" label), as opposed to bitmapped graphics, which are defined by pixels. Also called vector graphics.

Optical Character Recognition. The process of reproducing hardcopy output into digital format.

off-press proof:
Proofs made by photomechanical means, such as a Cromalin or Matchprint, and sometimes by digital means, in less time and at a lower cost than it takes to create press proofs. Also called prepress proofs.

offset lithography:
One of the most popular forms of printing in which negatives are used to create a photographic plate that is wrapped around a press cylinder. Ink adheres only to the exposed portion of the plate, is passed onto a second cylinder, and then onto paper. Also called offset.

offset gravure:
Printing using the offset method, which is the process of using an intermediate blanket cylinder to transfer an image from the plate to the substrate. See gravure.

offset/gravure conversions:
The use of lithographic positives to produce gravure cylinders.

on spec:
To create a design or to write copy without being paid but with the intent to garner a contract for a particular job.

To impose only one item at a time to be printed on a sheet.

To have a live connection to another computer in which you can instantly send and receive messages or files to and from that computer.

Out of Print. When a book is no longer available for sale from a publisher.

Out of Stock. When a book is still available for sale from a publisher, but temporarily unavailable from a particular retail outlet, the publisher, or the distributor.

A property of paper or other substrate that minimizes show-through, which is the amount of ink printed on one side of a sheet that shows through the other side.

opaque (noun):
The property of paper that makes it less transparent.

opaque (verb):
To cover areas of a film negative with an opaque ink so those areas won't show up on the printing plate.

opaque ink:
An ink used to conceal areas on a film negative.

The right to purchase or sell an author's subsequent work, or the right to purchase or sell the subsidiary rights to an author's work during a specified period of time.

A domain name suffix used in Internet addresses that denotes an organization that doesn't fit into any of the other categories, such as a non-profit, non-government organization.

A small decorative device such as an initial capital letter (initial cap) or a dingbat. Also called printer's ornaments.

The end of a paragraph or beginning of a column of text that is undesirably short:
a single, short word or the end of a hyphenated word. See widow.

Photographic surfaces that are insensitive to red but sensitive to ultraviolet, blue, green and yellow rays.

An undesirable occurrence in which the color separations for an image were not properly aligned, causing text and colors to appear slightly off.

A form of advertising on buses, billboards, and the like.

over the transom:
Unsolicited manuscripts or queries sent to a publisher by authors.

overhang cover:
A cover that is larger in size than the interior pages.

A transparent covering, sometimes made of tissue, that is placed over a page layout for marking instructions for printing or corrections.

To print over an area that has already been printed, as opposed to a knock-out.

When the number of printed copies exceeds the amount of the originally specified print run.

Type that has been set but which exceeds the amount of space available in the layout.

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