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j image

An undesirable condition in which the edges of an image or text have a stair-stepped, or jagged appearance.

The printed cover stock that fits snugly inside a clear plastic cassette case.

The paper outerwrap of a hardcover book. Also called a dust jacket or dust cover.

An organization that buys books in large quantities for resale to retailers and libraries.

To align the edges of a pile of paper sheets so they form a neat stack.

Joint Photographic Experts Group, a sophisticated lossy compression technique for reducing the amount of data needed to describe a full-color, bitmap image.

To continue an article or story from one page to the next.

jump line:
A phrase indicating on what page a story is continued from or to.

Text in which both the right and left margins are aligned.

To set lines of text so that the left and right margins are aligned.

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