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m image

machine coated:
Paper that is coated on one or both sides on a paper machine.

machine direction:
The direction in which the fibers in a sheet of paper lie, corresponding with the direction the paper is made on a paper machine.

machine finish:
A grade of paper with a less smooth finish than a grade of book paper with an english finish.

One of the subtractive primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) used for four-color process inks.

magenta screen:
A dyed contact screen used in making halftones.

mail fulfillment:
To fulfill orders for merchandise such as books and magazines via mail.

mail order:
To place orders for merchandise such as books via mail.

A free ad that is run in a publication in order to "make good" on an ad that was previously run in an incorrect fashion, such as in the wrong position or one that contained an error caused by the publisher.

A printing plate that is remade.

The process of preparing the press for printing a particular job, such as putting ink in the fountains, adjusting the feeder and grippers, and so on.

The process of arranging type and graphics on a page, called page makeup.

An undesirable result (usually in the form of chipping and scratching) that occurs when two coats of solid ink have been applied to a cover stock but have not been protected by a UV coating.

The raw copy for a book or magazine article (either handwritten or computer-generated) before it is edited and typeset.

The white space surrounding the image area of a page.

In offset lithography, an opaque material used to protect selected areas of a printing plate during exposure. "Masking" can also be performed digitally with sophisticated image editing programs.

mass market paperback:
The smaller, paperbound edition of a previously published hardcover or trade paperback book that is printed on less expensive paper and sold in more mass-market outlets such as grocery stores.

An original hard copy, digital file, or printing plate used for duplication.

master page:
A feature in many page layout programs that allows the user to specify repeating text and graphic elements that will appear on the pages of a publication.

The section of a newspaper or magazine that lists the publication's staff, ownership, subscription details, and so on.

A reproduction made from film for the purpose of proofing four-color materials to be printed.

A mold that holds the type in linecasting machines.

A dull, clear coating applied to printed materials for protection or appearance.

matte finish:
A type of surface or coating that is dull, without gloss or luster.

matte print:
A photograph that has a matte finish.

Camera-ready artwork that includes text, photos, illustrations, and so forth. A mechanical can be in the form of an artboard, a digital printout, or a digital file ready for high-resolution output.

The means by which information is distributed such as print, broadcast, CD-ROM, World Wide Web, and so forth.

media kit:
Sheets of information about a publication's advertising rates enclosed in a presentation folder.

middle tones:
The tonal range between highlights and shadows in a photograph.

A visual presentation of a design or page layout that approximates what the final printed piece might look like.

MOdulator/DEModulator. A hardware device for communicating digital information via phone lines.

An undesirable screen pattern in process printing caused by incorrect screen angles of overprinting halftones.

A thick cotton fabric used on the dampening rollers of a printing press.

A one-color image or page.

A brief report on a particular subject.

Several photographs or images arranged together to form one complete piece of art.

An undesirable printing effect in which solid areas appear spotty or uneven.

Short for manuscript.

Short for manuscripts.

mullen tester:
A machine for testing the strength of paper.

multiple submission:
To submit a manuscript for consideration to more than one publisher at the same time.

A strong polyester film used for stripping together film positives.

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