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Undercolor Removal. The process of reducing color and increasing black in areas where all three colors overprint to improve trapping and reduce ink costs. This can be achieved manually in color separation films or digitally in image editing applications.

Paper with no finish applied to it (either glossy or matte) to create a more porous printing surface.

The difference between the radius of the cylinder bearers and cylinder body in printing presses to allow for plate and packing thickness.

When a printer manufacturers fewer printed copies than originally specified.

The amount of printed materials that is under or over the originally specified print run.

An individual printed piece, such as a book.

unit cost:
The price to print per piece, or per book.

To send a file to another computer, as opposed to download, which means to retrieve a file from another computer.

The capital letters of a typeface.

Uniform Resource Locator. A protocol for identifying documents on the World Wide Web. For example, the URL for the Rainwater Press Web site is http://www.rainwater.com

UV coating:
A protective, ultra-violet, transparent finish applied to a printed piece to minimize ink chipping, scratching, and other damage from normal use.

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