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g image

A typeset draft used for proofreading copy and estimating text length, sometimes sent to book reviewers.

A measure of contrast in photographic images.

gang (verb):
To combine unrelated jobs on one printing plate in order to save costs and setup charges.

gang run:
A print run in which two or more print jobs are combined on one printing plate in order to economize.

A type of fold in which the paper is folded toward its center to form four or more panels.

The process of assembling folded signatures in proper sequence in preparation for binding.

An inexpensive method of binding originally developed by General Binding Corp. that makes use of plastic spirals.

Gray Component Replacement. A technique for adding detail to an image by reducing the amounts of cyan, magenta, and yellow and replacing them with black.

gear streaks:
Parallel streaks of ink or dirt appearing across the printed sheet caused by the gear teeth on a printing cylinder.

Each succeeding stage in reproduction from the original copy.

A category of a certain type of writing, such as horror, romance, mystery, science fiction, and so forth.

ghost writer:
A professional writer who writes for another person and who does not get a byline or credit for his or her writing.

Graphics Interchange Format, originally created by the online service CompuServe to help users minimize file-transfer times when transmitting bitmapped images, currently supported by a growing number of Macintosh and PC graphics applications.

A shiny coating applied to a printed piece.

A list of definitions.

A photograph, image, or other printed material with a shiny surface, as opposed to matte, which is a dull surface.

A specially coated masking paper of yellow or orange color used by strippers to assemble and position negatives for exposure on plates.

A system for retrieving information and files from the Internet.

A domain name suffix used in Internet addresses that denotes a non-military government institution.

The direction in which the fibers in a sheet of paper have been made on a paper machine.

The process of applying abrasives to metal printing plates to give them greater water-retention.

A smooth transition of shades between black and white, between one color and another, or between one color and white. Also called a gradient.

A unit of measurement for expressing the basis weight of paper based on the Metric System.

A sum of money paid in the form of a gift to finance a particular project, such as a book.

Any illustrative element in a page layout, such as a photograph, illustration, icon, ruled line, or any other non-text element.

A method of printing in which the image is etched into the printing plates, as opposed to letterpress printing, in which the image is slightly raised from the rest of the plate. Gravure printing produces consistent quality in long production runs.

The range of gray tones between black and white as displayed on a monitor or in an image.

greeked text:
Body text that is made illegible when viewed at 12 points or below, for the purpose of speeding screen redraw or creating a rough layout.

The cross-ruled transparent guidelines over which all parts of a page layout will be assembled.

The device on a printing press that holds and pulls the paper through its printing path.

gripper edge:
The leading edge of paper as it passes through a printing press.

gripper margin:
The unprintable blank edge on which the paper is gripped as it passes through a printing press, usually measuring a half inch or less.

groundwood pulp:
A mechanically prepared wood pulp used in the manufacture of newsprint and similar papers.

gum arabic:
A chemical used to desensitize the non-printing areas of a printing plate.

The process of applying gum arabic to the non-printing areas of a printing plate.

The inner margins of two facing pages in a publication.

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