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k image

To adjust the space between letters so that it appears optically proportioned. In hot metal, a kern was any part of a letter that extended into the space occupied by an adjacent letter.

A color-coded legend that explains symbols or identifies colors to be printed in a piece of artwork, such as a color key.

key plate:
The plate used as a guide for the registration of other colors.

Artwork for offset reproduction that shows outlines indicating the exact shape, position, and size of halftone elements and line sketches.

kill fee:
The money paid to a writer when the publication has contracted with the writer to write an article, but the article is never published.

kiss impression:
A very light printing impression.

To remove the background color on which type or graphics are being printed, as opposed to an overprint.

A brown paper or board containing unbleached wood pulp, causing its brown color.

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