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Stands for Quality Assurance (also known as QC, or Quality Control). In printing, the process of checking randomly selected printed pieces as they come off the printing press or out of the bindery to make sure they meet quality standards.

Blank spacing material used to fill out lines in hot metal composition.

quality paperback:
A trade paperback book, usually the softcover version of the hardcover book, as opposed to a mass market paperback book, which is printed on less expensive paper and may have a smaller trim size than the hardcover edition.

Short for query letter.

query letter:
An introductory letter that a potential author sends to a book or magazine publisher describing an idea for a book or article and outlines the author's qualifications.

The Apple Macintosh's native graphics language.

A video compression standard developed by Apple Computer, frequently used for video clips on the World Wide Web.

quick printer:
A vendor that supplies printed materials to consumers and business, specializing in simple print runs of 10,000 or less.

In printing, a legally binding agreement between a printer and publisher that lists the costs of a particular print job, in which the price does not fluctuate for a specified period of time. More solid than a printing estimate, which is a preliminary report on how much a print job is expected to cost but is not legally binding. Also an endorsement of a book.

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